Practice the Presence

What help does a 17th century monk have to offer a modern-day mom? Upside-down wisdom, and the hope that God is much nearer than you think.

Put life in your faith,

and grace in your life.​

Meet the Author

MEGAN LA FOLLETT grew up in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, where she explored her first beloved sanctuary from the back of a pony named Silver. As a married graduate student, she became a working mother to a golden-haired and strong-willed daughter. With the birth of a second child, she chose to stay at home. Two years later, another son joined the family and she began to work from home as an editor and writer. Following the birth of a third son, she joined the team at Ascending Leaders, a Christian nonprofit, as the communications lead. Her life is built on her passion for story and finding her place in the greatest story of all.

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