For Modern Day Moms




s a wife of 15 years and a mother of four, I’ve learned a lot of tips, tricks, and strategies for running a family without losing my sanity (or regularly losing track of a child). I could write a book or three on that, and I’m certain it would make a real, tangible difference in your daily life as a modern day mom if you applied the ideas that fit you and your situation.

But that’s not the book I chose to write, for one very simple reason:

You don’t have to change your life or your circumstances to practice the presence of God in your daily walk.

Let that sink in.

Don’t confuse life improvement with growing closer to God.

Creating better habits, optimizing your organization, maximizing the efficiency of your household schedule…

As much as I geek out over all of these things, you can do ALL of it perfectly and not experience the presence of God.

And you can do NONE of it, and practice His presence with every breath.

So while I could rock your productivity world (and it would be a good thing!), I care far more about your intimate, authentic, and deepening connection to God.

Right where you are, as you are.

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