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The Weight of a Book

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I thought it felt real when I typed “The End.” Then the book was formatted for print, and I knew it was real. But none of that compares to the feeling I had when I opened up that simple cardboard box and felt the weight of the book in my hand.


It’s really real. I could touch it, smell the ink, flip through the pages!

I can’t wait for you to hold a copy. I feel the weight of my desire for this book to bless you and help you soak in the deep well of God’s grace, and I fear that it won’t measure up.

But it’s not really my book, this collaboration between a 17th-century monk and a modern-day mom. It’s a book that had to be written, and all I could do was obey. So I remind myself, the weight doesn’t fall on me.

What weight are you carrying that doesn’t belong on you?

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